With great thanks that we could never place it in words.

Thank you!!!

This website is about our dog rescue activity held in Japan.

First of all, we are pleased to announce you that our rescue activity has finally completed as of Jan. 31, 2002, with certifying the last dog's life long care taker as a foster family. We owe being able to complete the rescue activity to over 14 months of your continuous support.

As you can read in our report, "activity" category, a dog dealer abandoned over 100 of his dogs that were kept as commercial usage, due to his financial difficulty back in Oct. 2000. It was happened in Yamanashi prefecture, which is in Kanto area near Tokyo, Japan.

Since we discovered the situation, we as ordinary dog lovers (even never experienced such kind of rescue) formed a volunteer rescue group to rescue and rehome those dogs.

Our activity was recognized as a new wave of dog rescue scene,because our base was placed on the internet space instead of renting an actual office.
We tried to disclose every information we gathered through the rescue activity including care taking report of those dogs from foster families on the web.
Thankfully, we received so many support throughout Japan. Without your help, we could never be completed this rescue activity.

We still regret that we couldn't rescue all of the dogs the dealer owned, and a Great Dane which died with bloat before she met her "real family". It was our hope that this rescue project would make an opportnity for people, especially for dog owners to reconsider what is all about to live with dogs. And we are happy to know many of them have actually recieved our message.

Human desire has no bound.
How can we market precious life for our own satisfaction?
Perhaps it's just that we all LOVE them and want to touch them.
Then what kind of LOVE leads such a tragedy?
Born on the Earth, dogs chose us humans to live together with.
Then why don't we wish to meet their intention?
Our endless desire has gone too far in the exploitation of dogs.
It is certain that the responsibility for this tragedy remains with human society.

■ Media Report ■

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                 (Morning and Evening edition combined version)
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